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Mother Nature has plenty of lessons in store for us that we can learn from. For these concepts I’ve taken a look at animal habits and innate skill and projected them onto our own ways of tackling systems, to see if we can adapt them in such a way that it becomes beneficial for us and more importantly, our planet. 


This theme is all about visibility. Making people aware of the animals around us is the starting point of making them care. And trust me, there’s plenty to see if you know where to look!


Our cohabitation is often seen as something accidental; animals and people just happen to share territory. How can we remain good neighbours by being of use to each other?

Strangers in Paradise

The city is a natural environment. Besides people, the city is home to much flora and fauna. Time to look beyond our own species as a target group: What can the animals of the city teach us?

Strangers in Paradise is a series of concepts that visualise the opportunities that arise by man and animals sharing the urban habitat. They are divided into three themes: Invitation, Reboot, and Cohabitation.


Strangers in Paradise is my graduation project and was on show during the 2018 Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.

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