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Research images collected in the process of uncovering the blind spots of the Palace.

Times are changing. Although a monarchy relies greatly on tradition, the royal family is also expected to adapt. For 300 years the palace served as the main residence of the royals. In 1984 the gates opened and the public was free to peek into rooms and walk the staircase only the cordially invited had been lucky enough to climb.


Nowadays security cameras in and outside the building protect the people and the property. However there are unguarded blindspots to be found, which leaves the question: What influence do things you don't see have on our impression of the palace?    Who's Watching? is a fictional story about a king, but also a token of appreciation for the security team at Het Loo.


Who's Watching?

Before closing its doors for renovation, a team of design students were given backstage passes to Paleis het Loo in Apeldoorn. Our royal welcome allowed us to roam the premises freely and work together with its employees. As a result we created an exhibition at the Design Academy Eindhoven five months later. 

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