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My Futures


With people’s lives lengthening, the period in which we are considered ‘old’ is longer. How can we help the elderly prepare for their future? 

With film as our method of investigation, Karin Fischnaller and I brainstormed together with senior citizen Ellen. We speculated about possible futures with new love and the role artificial intelligence. 

To view the entire video and much more information regarding this big project that I was just a tiny part of click here.

Rainwater Washing Service

Scooter Safari

Stroompunt is a project I participated in as part of my internship for Scheepers&Renee. The main goals of the project was to create awareness with regards to ‘Water’ among inhabitants of Geestenberg, Eindhoven. In addition to the use of empirical research, active and inclusive interventions were designed in order to share knowledge in an understandable and accessible fashion. Activities included a ‘Scooter Safari’ and ‘Rainwater Washing Service’!


Stroompunt is a collaboration between Waterschap de Dommel, Woonbedrijf and the Readership of Creativity at the Design Academy Eindhoven.

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