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Hi! Thanks for visiting my portfolio website.


My name is Lydia, and I work as a freelance designer and illustrator. My general focus is research and concept design. Amongst other things, I look into the relationship between people and their environment. The physical and natural, but also the social and technological environment.


Inspired by nature and socially engaged, I have a special interest in working with future scenarios relating to sustainability and social responsibility. I address serious matters whilst maintaining a light-hearted tone of voice, and pointing no fingers! This enables one to follow your ideas, and because of this I enjoy working closely with the user throughout the process. 


My concepts often contain a story-like element. Therefore I combine my work as a designer to create illustrations and short animations that bring certain issues to light, inform the viewer, or visualise another’s idea.


Feel free to contact me. I’m always available for a cup of coffee!

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KvK-nummer: 77413245

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